Welcome to FIELDS

An old black and white image of a bull wearing a rosette. The bull wears a halter and is being held by a handler wearing a white coat. The text 'FIELDS' is imposed over the image in pink font.

When did you last see a cow? How do sheep see us? These are just a few of the stories told in our new FIELDS engagement programme.

Following on from our artists residences, we are delighted to launch our new engagement programme FIELDS which examines the lives, stories and experiences of British sheep, cows and farmers from 1947 to the present day.

Consisting of a series of events, exhibitions and stories, the programme combines the results of the three artists' residencies, Museum of English Life archival materials and FIELD project research to trace the personal and social histories of cows, sheep and farmers.

FIELDS aims to inspire reflections on our relationships with cows, sheep, farmers and farming, and give the opportunity for plenty more stories to be told.

To find out more about the programme, and to explore the stories, visit FIELDS.