FIELD integrates scientific, social scientific and humanities methods to provide a holistic picture of our two case-study diseases. This approach reflects the multi-factorial nature of the problems that farmers face today. It also offers a means to investigate the historical, social and cultural elements of disease which are often overlooked, including how practices and perceptions have evolved under the influence of farmers, advisors and policy makers since 1947.

FIELD combines a range of discipline-specific research – including surveys, interviews, focus groups, computer modelling and analysis of archival material – with interdisciplinary activities, that includes:

  • Team members from all three disciplines collaborating to design protocols for primary data collection
  • Monthly team meetings to share research findings and plan next steps
  • Workshops for FIELD's early career researchers to develop interdisciplinary skills
  • A knowledge exchange event with farm advisors to check that our findings make sense on the ground

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Explore the timeline of key events in British farming since the 1947 Agricultural Act.