Farmers and farming communities are at the heart of FIELD. They contribute to our research in a number of ways: by helping us to identify the most significant aspects of livestock disease for the study; by providing insights into how humans and animals relate to each other on the farm; and by sharing with us their knowledge and experiences - past and present - of managing endemic livestock diseases.

Our research with farmers will enable us to:

  • Identify key factors influencing lameness and BVD management (through surveys and one-to-one interviews)
  • Hear about their experiences of BVD and lameness (through one-to-one interviews and farm walks)
  • Construct a timeline of UK agriculture showing key events relating to animal health and disease
  • Develop computer models to simulate how disease spreads across farming communities
  • Share research findings at agricultural shows to check they make sense and could work on the ground.

Explore our media gallery to see how livestock farming has changed over the years.

See our timeline (coming soon) to track key dates and events in British farming since the Second World War. How do they relate to your own experiences of farming over time?

Do you have a story to tell? Contact us with your experiences and views on farming and livestock disease.

If you farm sheep and/or cattle in the North of England and would be willing to talk about BVD and lameness, see the contact us page to get in touch.