We need your expertise to help develop better understandings of endemic livestock disease.

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We are looking for beef cattle, sheep and dairy cattle farmers to take part in our research.

Opportunites to be involved will change over the course of the project. To find out more about the current opportunities read more below.

1) Interviews

We would like to speak to farmers based in the North East, Yorkshire and Cumbria who keep dairy/beef cattle and/or sheep to learn from your experiences of BVD and lameness. How do you identify and treat these diseases on your farm? How do you control or prevent them?

Working with farmers and industry and advisory partners, the research aims to identify interventions which help to reduce the incidence of these disease and their costs to UK farming. Read more here.

2) Online survey

We would like to understand more about how dairy/beef cattle and/or sheep farmers across the UK make decisions surrounding their livestock. What factors are most important when you make decisions related to animal health and welfare?

This piece of research looks to identify priority factors for farmers and subsequently identify which interventions to help reduce the incidence of disease would be most suited for use in the UK. Read more here.